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    NUC DN2820FYKH USB 3.0 driver - all USB ports not working after installation



      I recently installed the USB 3.0 driver for the DN2820FYKH. After installation, my keyboard and mouse stopped working in Windows 7. In fact, all the USB ports stopped working.  In the bios, the keyboard and mouse works. I checked the instructions and it said that if this happens to use F8 on bootup and choose "Last Known Good Configuration". I tried it but when the NUC rebooted, the ports are still not working. I rebooted into the bios and verified that the ports are working (both keyboard and mouse works). I had downloaded USB3_Win7_3.0.0.33 driver.  I've tried the F8 and "Last Know Good Configuration" a few times, but my Windows still does not see the USB ports. Is there anything else I can do?