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    Can I install 4GB of memory?




      I would like to install 4GB of RAM and currently have 2GB, is this possible with my system? If not, then are there any other upgrades that need to be installed first?


      CPU type: Mobile DualCore Intel Core 2 Duo T7200, 2000 MHz (12 x 167)

      Motherboard Name: Intel Corporation CAPELL VALLEY(NAPA) CRB

      Motherboard Chipset: Mobile Intel Calistoga-PM i945PM

      BIOS: Phoenix Technologies LTD NAPA0001.86C.00                (06/07/06)


      (I obtained this information from the freeware versions of Everest Ultimate Edition and Belarc Advisor)


      I appreciate any help offered.

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          I guess that you have a laptop, could you please provide the exact model number, searching in google I belive that you have TOSHIBA SATELLITE A100

          However I need to verify the exact model as there is a quite a few of  A100,s





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            Thanks for the response.


            I have a custom-built laptop from a manufacturer that has become bankrupt as a result of the recession, which makes it near impossible to update drivers.


            The manufacturer is (or was) Evesham vale. The name they gave the laptop was Voyager C720DC plus. System Information shows that the system model is M570U. On the underside it states that it is from Clevo, with the model M57U, and the product code M575U.


            I hope this helps. Thanks again.

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              Hi iBuzz, don't know what graphics adapter you have but it is important to know it before doing the upgrade to 4 GB of RAM.


              Your motherboard is using i945 PM express chipset and it is able to manage up to 4 GB of memory in total. So, if you have for example a PCI express 512 MB graphics adapter (which is my case and probably yours since the PM indicates you have a non integrated graphics adapter) your O.S. will only be able to use 3.3 GB from the 4 GB.


              You can check this info by yourself, http://www.intel.com/cd/products/services/emea/eng/chipsets/259240.htm

              There you can see the Mobile Intel® 945 Express Chipset Family Datasheet


              Be careful before to buy the memory, I got the surprise after I upgraded my laptop :(



              Hope this helps,


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                Hi ARIntel,


                Thanks for helping me out!

                If graphics adapter is the same as graphics card then I have an NVIDIA graphics card with 512 MB of dedicated memory, I have no idea if it's PCI express or not.


                I think I read somewhere that my laptop can only be upgraded to 2 GB, if this is the case do you know what other things may limit the capacity?

                I appreciate your help.




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                  Hi iBuzz, yes graphics adapter/card it's the same.

                  The Mobile Intel 945GM/GME/PM and Intel 945GT Express Chipsets are capable of

                  supporting up to 4 GB of physical memory. With that said you can upgrade your laptop to 4 GB of physical memory, yes, but it's not completely true.


                  See there are three system address ranges.

                  1- From 0 to 1 MB for legacy address range

                  2- 1 MB to TOLUD for GGC (Graphics stolen memory) and independently programmable non-overlapping windows

                  3- From TOLUD to the top of physical memory that is permitted

                  to be accessible by the (G)MCH


                  The (G)MCH provides a maximum DRAM address decode space of 4 GB. The (G)MCH

                  does not remap APIC or PCI Express memory space. This means that as the amount of

                  physical memory populated in the system reaches 4 GB, there will be physical memory

                  that exists yet is non-addressable and therefore unusable by the system.


                  So, I recommend you to buy only 3 GB of RAM instead of buying 4 GB when your system will be able to use only 3.3 GB.


                  Hope it's clear enough.






                  BTW, I'm sure you have a PCI express graphics card because your chipset is i945 PM; which indicates that non integrated graphics card is supported. Other way your chipset would be i945 GM.

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                    i have a dell inspiron 6400 (2006) and i recently purchased 3GB of RAM. despite what the bios is telling me (3gb of RAM) the dell programs sing a different story of 2GB. does anyone know how i can fix this like upgrade my bios from intel or something like that.




                    Laptop model: dell inspiron 6400


                    Chipset: intel 945 GM


                    Graphics: integrated


                    Processor: core duo 1.6ghz


                    RAM: 3GB


                    video connections: VGA, Svideo




                    Pasted from <http://communities.intel.com/post!reply.jspa?thread=7604>

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                      I have a question related to similar hardware described in this original post. I have a Toshiba Satellite A100. Model#: PSAA8C-TA202C. Apparently I also have a 'Intel Corporation CAPELL VALLEY(NAPA) CRB" mobo. Can anyone give me a source or maybe a list of processors that would be compatible with this mobo.

                      Any help provided, as always, is greatly appreciated.

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                        Hello james007on,


                        It is important to mention that we as Intel® provide the hardware to the system manufacturer and they will design and create the drivers for the computers. They are able to set limitations for their computers.


                        I am afraid that the processor compatibility list for the motherboard you computer use will be provided by the system manufacturer only, in your case Toshiba.


                        Their contact information is the following: