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    dx79to windows cannot start after overclocking attempt


      Dear Community, please help.


      I tried to overclock my system and messed up with some settings. Did a mistake obviously.

      System didn't boot.

      1. I put the settings back as was - tried different combinations without OC

      2. I reset the Bios profile to default.

      3. Tried to boot with different bootable Windows HDDs and SSDs

      4. I flashed a newer Bios version

      5. I took all RAM out and put only one inside


      Always same unknown error on start-up -> during the animation of the windows logo.



      Motherboard DX79TO

      i7  3930K

      32GB RAM (G.skill Ripjaws Z, DDR3-2133 CL11-11-11-31 1.50v   8GB x 4)

      Geforce GTX 780

      PSU Enermax Liberty 500W

      (tried different SSDs and HDDs)


      Hope you've got a suggestion for me! Thank you!