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    NUC5i5RYK with HD 6000...


      I am looking at the NUC5i5RYK, with one mDP and an HDMI port for dual-monitor display. The monitors are 2 x 27" from BenQ with native/maximum resolution of 2,560x1,440 @60Hz. The documentation for the maximum resolution in this scenario for the HD 6000 is ambiguous. so, my question is...


      What will be the highest resolution at @60Hz for the mDP and the HDMI ports?  The main display in landscape mode will be extended to the secondary monitor in portrait mode. Will it make a difference which port is used for primary? Obviously, I am looking for having both monitors running with their native/maximum resolution on both video out ports.


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          Great question, I have a Samsung SyncMaster SA850 using mini displayport at 2560x1440 and it defaults to 59Hz using the latest May 20th beta Intel 6000 drivers. I have issues where it'll show fragmented, boxy artifacts after I wake the screens up from my breaks. I'm not sure what the issue is, but either way it's not particularly workable.

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            I can confirm that the NUC 5i5RYH runs 3840x2160@60Hz over the mDP port.  I haven't tried simultaneous displays.


            I obviously can't be sure, but the table here implies you should be OK:



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              Thanks ASM, but this is where the confusion sets in...


              Both the NUC5i5RYB and the NUC5i7RYB technical specification documents show lower resolution for dual monitor setup:


              I could not find technical specification document for the NUC5i5RYK in question. I do know that the NUC5i7RYB has HD 6100 and not HD 6000, but regardless, it's maximum resolution is limited in dual monitor set up.


              Does anyone have a link for the NUC5i5RYK technical specification?

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                I just tried several monitor-to-NUC configurations using an Acer B286HK 4K monitor's multi-input and PiP/tiling capabilities:

                1. mDP:3840x2160@60Hz
                2. mDP:3840x2160@60Hz + HDMI:1920x1080@60Hz
                3. mDP:3840x2160@60Hz + HDMI:3840x2160@30Hz 600MHz + 300 MHz of bandwidth
                4. mDP:3840x2160@60Hz + HDMI:2560x1600@30Hz
                5. HDMI:3840x2160@30Hz ⇦ 300 MHz of bandwidth
                6. HDMI:2560x1600@30Hz ⇦ <150 MHz of bandwidth but 60Hz isn't supported by panel


                So configuration (3) shows that the NUC5i5RYx can run both outputs at their limits -- DP@600MHz + HDMI@300MHz.


                This is encouraging, but that might not prove your configuration will work.


                Maybe someone else on this forum with both 4K and 1600p inputs can test your exact requested configuration.

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                  Thanks ASM!


                  Your test results are pretty much in line with the NUC5i5RYB technical specification document. The only exception is the refresh rate for the mDP port. Based on the documentation, both the mDP and HDMI should have 30Hz refresh rate if and when the HDMI resolution is higher than 1920x1080.


                  That's not unlike what I've experienced with the HD 4400 Intel graphic subsystem with dual DP ports on the docking station. Both monitors would run at 2560x1440 resolution for awhile, until the secondary monitor went blank in a relatively short time frame. Connecting the secondary monitor to the DVI-D port allowed the monitor to work just fine, but the resolution was dropped to 1920x1080.


                  So, the HD 6000 graphic has the same limitation as the HD 4400 graphic it seems, as far as the dual-monitor configuration goes...


                  One of the reasons, among others, for replacing the HD 4400 with the HD 6000 Intel graphic is to have 2560x1440 resolution for both monitors. While playing with the refresh rates, 60 vs 30HZ, is an option but it is probably and option with the HD 4400. Provided I figure out how to lower the refresh rate to 30Hz and the monitors actually support it. I have not seen an option in Windows 7 to change the refresh rate for these monitors, maybe the Intel software has this option.


                  The dual monitor setup maximum resolution is certainly not clearly defined and/or understood by even Intel support. Here's the transcript of my discussion with one of the techs on the subject:

                  NUC and HD 6000_2.jpg

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                    Yes, configuration (3) disagrees with the NUC PDF but agrees with the 5th Gen doc.  I actually double-checked my numbers before posting.  It actually does work.


                    Also, note that the bandwidth required for 2560x1600@60Hz is very close to 3840x2160@30Hz.  It's 4 megapixel vs. 8 megapixel at different refresh rates.


                    It's also worth noting that I haven't seen sparkling or anything weird on any of my Intel IGPs (HD6000, HD4600) running at 4K@60Hz but I made sure I bought some trustworthy cables.


                    I understand how frustrating it is not to get a simple answer for a simple question like yours!

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                      Thanks again ASM...


                      So, at least in theory, the NUC5i5RYK may just work at resolution 2560x1440 on mDP and HDMI ports. Worse case scenario, the refresh rate will need to be dropped to make it work.


                      I am not really concerned about the bandwidth, this is going to be an office PC. The most taxing for this system will be occasional YouTube videos and Skype.Other than that, it's just office documents, QuickBook, and other business application without much of a video demand. The only thing is the 30Hz refresh rate, no clue how that will look...


                      What I've learned, there's nothing like PCIe video card that has no issues with high resolution displays. My work system with AMD HD 7800 series card drives two 24" monitors (mDP and DVI-D) at 3840x1200 @60Hz refresh rate in Windows 8.1...