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    Intel 7265 M.2 Adapter?


      I've recently been considering buying the Intel 7265 WLAN card for my 2011 notebook (Alienware M14X R1). But I've become aware that the 7265 uses a M.2 connector, whereas my laptop uses the older mini-PCIe half-size WLAN chip that is common in notebooks from 2010 onward. I know there is an adapter that can allow me to use the newer 7265 in my notebook. But I'm wondering if someone can post a product link for the exact adapter I'll need, preferably Amazon.


      There also seem to be 2 variants of the 7265, an M.2 2230 and an M.2 1216. What is the difference? Which variant is appropriate for me? And how can I differentiate which type of 7265 I'm buying (which of the 2 connectors it uses)?


      Last, but unrelated, the 7265 has built in Bluetooth, which I want, but various product descriptions seem to imply that I'll need an internal wired antenna (literally a wire that looks like a string, I'm assuming) to get the BT functioning. My current WLAN chip is an Intel WiFi Link 1000, one of Intel's legacy support cards. It has the standard 2 pin connectors, but doesnt have a 3rd connector for a wired antenna.


      Any clarification is appreciated!

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          Hello AnonVendetta,


          Before you buying the wireless card you want, it is very important that you know that Intel does not support integrations. Please check this link for further information on this matter: Intel® Wi-Fi Products — Regulatory Information Regarding Hardware Installation or Upgrade Nevertheless, any installation of wireless hardware must be done by the OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) and/or authorized technicians on certified systems only. We recommend that you contact your computer manufacturer as they are the only ones that can provide a list of approved and certified adapters that are compatible with your system. Please contact them.

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            I find your answer somewhat rude and extremely unhelpful. For one, you didn't address a single question I asked. I plan to install the card myself, the laptop is out if warranty and Dell wont service it regardless, except maybe at a price that is more than what I paid for the laptop.


            I am simply asking if such an adapter exists, and for a product link if the answer is yes.

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              Hello AntonVendetta,


              We are truly sorry if our reply seemed rude. It is never our intention. What we mean is that such replacement must be done only through the OEM and let us tell you the reasons as to why it is that way. Intel does not sell these adapters directly to end users, only for OEM. When an OEM buys a wireless card to integrate into their system, they may modify and customize the card such as voltage, add or remove features...etc, in order to be compatible with the system and all drivers and support are provided by them. When a person buys a card at random, the card may not be compatible to the system requirements and due to this, it may not function as it should.


              Regarding the variants, only Dell* can tell you which one would be the best for your system as well as the type of adapter that will meet all the requirements of your system.

              Intel® manufactures different adapters using the standard form factors, so the OEM may confirm if there is a wireless adapter upgrade available for your PC.


              The M.2 2230 and M.2 1216 are different card form factors, the user would use one or the other depending on the specifications of the computer. Based on this information, the Intel® Wireless 7265 Series would not be compatible with your PC, since you mentioned it has a mini-PCIe half-size slot.


              Many Intel® Wireless Adapters, including the 7265's use 2 antennas, and 1 of those will be shared by WiFi and Bluetooth signals. These antennas need to meet the specifications of the wireless adapters, such as band 2.4 or 5 GHz, also 802.11a/b/g/n or 802.11ac compatibility.

              Here is the product brief of the Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 for example so you can take a look. Please click on this link: PRODUCT BRIEF Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265

              We do hope this information helped you.

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                When I say "adapter" I'm not only referring to the 7265 itself being a WLAN adaptet, I'm referring to a so called M.2 to half mini adapter that will allow an M.2 card to fit in a HM slot.There are many types of adapters for many tjings that serve as a way to bridge 2 interfaces and make them compatible. You presumably work for a reputable corp such as Intel, so you surely knew what I meant.

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                  We do understand your point of view, and would be more than glad to provide all the assistance you need, but in this particular case, your computer manufacturer would be the best option to provide the answers accurately. Please contact them at your earliest convenience for further assistance.

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                    Don't buy it, it's a terrible adapter.  It only takes 5 minutes on the forums to realize the 7260 and 7265 are just the bottom of the barrel.  My max connection speed is 54mbps on AC. From my research the broadcom product is much better.  If Intel can't scrape together some drivers that give decent performance soon, I'm going to take a hammer to my intel 7265 adapter and go buy the broadcom.