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        Oops, sorry.  My email notice made it look like he was asking me for an msinfo32 file, but of course he was asking you.  Anyway, it might help to have a file from different machines with the same issue..

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          Ah yes of course. I'm really glad I'm not the only one, I've been going insane over this constant YouTube crashing. I have to open Firefox to play any YouTube at all. It's so oddly specific to YouTube, doesn't impact any other embedded video anywhere else on the Internet.

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            Since today is Patch Tuesday, I checked to see if there were any Intel-specific updates. While there weren't, I installed all the optional Windows updates and rebooted, just on the off chance it'll work. But it didn't, still get YouTube crashing no matter the type of video. 4 seconds or 40 minutes, from all genres, regardless of whether I'm logged into my YouTube account or not.

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              I just upgraded to the latest graphics card driver to solve my Bioshock issue (flickering).. But the Chrome suddenly could not play youtube videos and it hangs chrome. No issues with Firefox or IE. BTW..lt fixes my Bioshock.. But I still see some flickering during some screen transition.

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                Welcome to the club.  Yep, same result here with  Seems we traded one problem for another.  In addition to the YouTube issue, I now get a taskbar (looks different from the desktop taskbar) that's locked to the Chrome window; plus, if I try to close via the x, then I get a grey screen. (Alt-F4 or right-click on desktop taskbar icon closes it.)


                Now, I'm having behavioral problems in IE!  Current tab goes blank, first on a news site, then here when I hit Reply to your post.  Restarting the browser seems to help.  At least I can type this now.  Caching issue?


                Another thing occurred to me.  I seem to remember that the OS spec for NUC is listed by Intel as Linux.  No mention of Windows.  Maybe NUC hasn't been tuned for Windows. (My install is 8.1.)  I'd like to run Linux, but I need Photoshop, etc.


                Final note FWIW, I downloaded the Intel driver bundle when I populated my new NUC a few weeks ago.  I only installed the graphics driver at first.  Then, when I started having problems, I installed the rest.  It seems to have just got worse.  That's why I'm wondering if we have some kind of driver-software compatibility issue here.

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                  lbjack, I believe you are using Chrome in Windows* 8 mode. Go to the top right menu and click the last option “Relaunch Chrome on the desktop”, “Exit” should not be there.

                  On the other hand, Windows* 8.1 is a fully supported operating system as you can see here: Intel® NUC — Supported Operating Systems


                  All, we have replicated this issue and will be reporting to engineering for investigation. Previous driver versions such as 4170 and 4080 do not experience this issue.

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                    Thanks joe_intel. I uninstalled the v4206 Graphics drivers I downloaded from the Intel Download Center, then rebooted and checked Windows update; they suggest an optional graphics driver, which ended up being version v4170 (not available for download at the Intel Download Center for some strange reason, only v4080 is). Chrome hasn't crashed YouTube so far, but I'm sure it'll crash intermittently at some point mid-way through a YouTube video the way it did before I upgraded to v4206. But at least it's not crashing immediately upon launching YouTube in Chrome.

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                      The symptom on my PC is that no video will appear.. If you mouse over the progress bar, you will see the video stills.. And then the chrome will hang..


                      I thought at first the problem was Chrome.. After I had the issue, I immediately installed  64 bit Chrome beta... (I was originally using the 32 bit). Result was still the same..Heck.. I just bought the games from steam.. so no chrome/youtube for now.. Can please fix this..  Intel?



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                        Hey, I just installed driver 4170, as suggested by Joe_Intel.  I'd started with 4156 and got the flicker-on-waken, then jumped to 4222 and got the YouTube weirdness.  Well, it looks like 4170 is the Goldilocks!  No flicker-on-waken, and YouTube plays in Chrome.


                        Try 4170, guys.


                        Thanks, Joe!

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                          So far, graphics driver v4170 is working great. I will report back if YouTube crashes in the middle of a video like it did intermittently before I upgraded to v4206.


                          Also, if possible joe_intel, could you see if someone can tackle the inability of the Intel Update Manager program to correctly identify software updates to install? I've seen it done successfully on other systems, particularly from Lenovo business machines. Don't know if this is the proper place for that, but just thought I'd throw it out there.


                          Otherwise, love my NUC to death.

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                            Btw, another graphics issue I'm getting is green "blockiness" when pausing YouTube videos in Chrome for an extended period of time (say, 20 minutes). After unpausing YouTube is when I get the green blocks, shown below:

                            Blocky image.PNG

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                              Another update; while YouTube videos are playing now, they still freeze at some point during most of the videos I'm playing, and trying to exit the Chrome tab crashes the whole thing. So while 4170 graphics drivers actually play the videos, they still crash unpredictably.


                              Hopefully you've submitted this to engineering already. It's really quite a bad bug.

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                                My NUC5i7RYH also crashed while attempting to play Youtube video.


                                When I went to download the latest Video Driver, at Intel® Download Center, after selecting the exe file and accepting the license, I got: Error: Page Not Found.

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                                  H.B., it seems the latest driver 4222 has the YouTube issue.  It is known, and the engineers are working on it.  Meanwhile, as suggested by joe_intel, above, use driver 4170.  I installed it, and so far YouTube plays fine.  I've not got NUC_user001's screen with the green artifacts, but I've not paused a video as long as he has so far.


                                  Note also, there've been reports of flicker-on-wake with drivers 4156 and 4170.  I got that on my first driver, 4156, but not 4170 so far.  I tweaked my Power Save settings a little, and there's no flicker-on-wake with Sleep launched from the Shut Down menu.  Driver 4222, the latest, cures the flicker but brings on our YouTube issue.


                                  Anyway, here's the link to the Intel® Download Center with the drivers.  Give 4170 (4/10/2015) a try.

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                                    Thank you for your response.


                                    I installed both driver 4080 and 4170 and they ran Youtube fine. The only problem I have now is that the NUC5I7YRH does not wake up my Visio monitor. I tried all drivers from 4080 to 4222 and none of them fixes the problem. I changed several HDMI cables, none helped. When I tested this NUC with a different monitor, it worked just fine. Here is the thread I started to discuss my problem: Re: NUC5i7RYH does not wake up Vizio monitor after it wakes up.

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