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    About Intel's decision to drop support for 2nd generation performance i7 GPU on Windows 10.




      The above link indicates that my Intel i7-2670QM processor's graphics card is not compatible with Windows 10. Is this correct? Does that mean that the HD 3000 graphics, which is actually capable of playing many video games, is not powerful enough to handle Windows 10 ? Why is Intel dropping support for this popular and still powerful product ? One would expect that a performance i7 processor, which was released only 4 years ago, would not be treated in such a manner. This processor is as good as most of the latest 4th and 5th gen processors, and in some cases it actually provides a better performance.


      I would really appreciate if you could clarify what performance degradation and issues I should expect after upgrading to Windows 10. I use Windows 7 at the moment.

      Thank you.