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    Intel HD Graphics scaling issue with DirectX 11


      Hello everyone!

      I've been looking around for a solution with the scaling issue that affects high res screens. Basically I have a XPS 13 with an i7 5500U and a 5500 HD graphics. When I launch a game it goes to 3200x1800 (the default resolution), but clearly this ultrabook can't manage those pixels without lagging. So if I try and rescale to a lower res, it doesn't go full screen but rather it stays in a letterbox with big black bezels around.

      I saw that the issue was recently fixed (- NEW- Intel® Iris™, Iris™ Pro,  and HD Graphics Driver update posted  for Haswell and Broadwell version, but when I try to install the driver it says

      error message.jpg

      I'm not sure where the problem could be. I saw the requirements and my laptop seem to have everything this driver needs. Can anyone help me?





      Ok so, I tried

      Intel®t Download Center

      and it's not working either.