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    My Intel HD 4600


      It seems like my Intel HD 4600 isn't wokring at its max capabilities.


      Please tell me what to do.

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          Please provide additional information about the graphics issue you are trying to report.

          I need graphics driver version numbers, operating system version.

          Does the problem you are trying to report happen with Intel and customized video drivers?

          Also, additional information that would help us isolate your issue.


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            @ Rishu15


            GPU-z, GPU caps viewer etc In general are not necessarily accurate - the ISVs that develop these tools don't have a way to query our hw; they simply have some hard coded table. Do not rely on these tools to give you accurate and detailed information.





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              PC Info.png

              IGCP Info.png

              I think these two contain all you wanted.

              I don't have any additional GPU, Only Intel HD 4600

              As far as i know, HD 4600 provides:


              1. A Bandwidth of 25.6 GB/s

              2. 3 GPixels/s

              3. 5 GTexels/s

              And none of these match.

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                Well, I didn't knew that but now I know, So I'll stop using these kind of software.


                Thank you