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    Best Settings for Intel HD GCP


      Hi guys,

      First of all, this is my first topic here so please forgive me first time for the mistakes i make(I'm new so..).

      Lets get to the topic. I started this discussion just to know that what are the best settings for gaming and designing(Photoshop) inside the 3D option of Intel HD GCP.

      My current settings are:

      GCP Settings.png

      I think these are the default settings but I've been using them for PS CC and they've been working well. In the recent time just like the whole gaming world I also wanted to fulfill my little dream of playing "Game of The Year" (Yep, GTA V). So, I just wanted to know that what settings should i choose to play GTA V & Witcher 3 at the maximum FPS i can achieve.


      Thanks Intel for making iGPUs like Intel HD!