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    Extended Desktop - problem with scaling



      I have problem with scaling.


      My HW: Lenovo Thinkpad X220 (intel HD 3000), ThinkPad Mini Dock Plus Series 3, LG 29um65 (21:9, 2560x1080). Windows 7 Pro


      On LCD I enabled PBP (Picture By Picture), connect DP and DVI from dock to LCD and in Intel Graphics Control Panel setup custom resolution 1280x1080/60Hz and Scaling = Maintain Display Scaling. One half is OK, on second is "bluish screen with red flickering". Problem is gone, if I change scaling for second Display to Scale Full Screen. But I think, that text on second screen is little blurred.


      I try Display Driver from Lenovo (date 8/11/2014) and last Intel Driver (date 6/5/2015). Same problem.


      Is it HW or SW problem?





      2x Maintain Display Scaling:


      First Maintain Display Scaling, second Scale Full Screen: