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    Celeron Processor with Intel HD Graphics - Overscan problem


      I just bought a mini pc which has a Celeron N2930 processor with Intel HD Graphics. When I connect it to my HDTV with the HDMI cable, I am seeing the overscan issue - Windows desktop is too big and the 4 edges get cut off by the TV screen. I have seen lots of reports on this issue but I just could not find any solution.


      Here are some more details about my setup:


      Mini PC:

           ZOTAC ZBOX CI320 nano Plus Windows 8.1 (64-bits)


      Graphics driver (the  latest I could fine from the Intel Web site):

           Version: (Latest) Date: 06/05/2015


      On the Display Settings of the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel, there is only one option for Scaling which is "Maintain Display Scaling". For Resolution, there is no option to set custom resolution. In fact there is not much I can change on the Control Panel for all the other parameters.


      I have also tried changing the settings on the TV like aspect ratio, but no luck


      Any other suggestions.