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    What is the difference between STCK1A32WFCR and STCK1A32WFC?


      We are currently using NUC for simple home made digital signage, and they work quite well, but I think the Compute Stick will be better, and the NUC is overkill (it plays 1 website that loops pictures and short videos).

      Also because it comes with Windows it would save me a ton of time (and money) to prepare each. I tested one of the clone sticks before, and the Compute Stick should work well.

      The question though, is what is the difference between both part numbers? STCK1A32WFCR is listed in Amazon, while STCK1A32WFC is listed in newegg., Since I will end up buying a few, I wanted to make sure before I ordered them.

      At quick glance they seem to be the same, but I am guessing one is newer, maybe it has the fixed Windows image already (no need to install the Metro App patch)