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    Latest Intel HD 4600 driver updates break Minecraft shaders


      I have noticed that all driver versions since do not work with many Minecraft shaders. Previously, most "standard" shaders worked well, albeit with low performance as expected. But after 4080, most shaders simply don't display anything or error out with "Invalid program final". It seems that the GPU does not recognize the GLSL code contained within the "final" shader program, and if "final" does not run, the whole shader does not run. Such shader incompatibilities have occurred before - running shaders on driver versions to actually crashed Minecraft, rather than gracefully failing. I believe that the fact that Minecraft shaders are failing on specific driver versions, when the hardware definitely supports the GLSL version required by the shaders, and the fact that shaders do work on other driver versions, hints to other GLSL incompatibilities in the incompatible drivers. I know that historically, Intel GPUs have had worse OpenGL support than discrete GPUs, although support in the latest GPUs is much better nowadays. Please, even if no one fixes this exact problem, take this into account.