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    Windows 8.1 Flickering - Intel 4600HD


      Hi there,


      My screen used to flicker now and then in Windows 8.1 while playing games. I just assumed it was a Windows setup issue (I went from Windows 8, to Windows 8.1 to Windows 8.1 Update on the same installation).

      The flicker would be a brief 1 - 2 seconds every now and then. Sometimes it would flicker every second on and off until I left the games. I then noticed that when I browse sometimes it would flicker and if I scrolled with my mouse it would flicker.


      Anyway, my hard drive crashed yesterday and I installed Windows 8.1 cleanly... From scratch.

      I seem to be getting the flickering all over again but this time in Browsers, Applications and Games... Even with the Windows 8.1 Taskbar Live previews.


      At first I thought it was my NVIDIA GPU so I uninstalled that and disabled it in the BIOS.

      Booted up into Windows 8.1 and had the same problem.

      When I uninstall the Intel 4600 HD drivers, the problem disappears but when I restart Windows it installs the latest drivers and the problem start all over again.

      I have tried downloading older versions of the drivers but they also dont work.

      I have also downloaded the laptop manufacturer's drivers and they also do not work.

      I seem to remember not having this problem immediately after my fresh install it just started this morning (a few hours after the install).


      The flicker basically turns the screen black completely for a second.

      I can simulate the issue by opening up Chrome, Outlook, Excel and Visual Studio and maximize the windows. If I run my mouse over each of the running applications on the taskbar, the screen would flicker on and off until I take my mouse off. So the problem seems to only affect full screen applications.


      Any ideas on how to fix this issue? Or what could be causing it?