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    Compute stick crash


      We've been trying to restore/refresh/reimage one of our Compute Sticks.  It was running everything straight out of the box.  We turned it off, swapped monitors, and since then it's done nothing but power off/reboot as soon as windows loads.  It gets through POST, and we can go into the recovery but so far nothing has worked to fix it.  We're thinking about trying to image it or install the OS from disc. 


      Anyone else have success with restoring from the restore partition?  When we tried this, it said it couldn't find anything. 

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          I had a similar issue with mine. If you find you try to re-install with a disc be warned that windows 8.1 with Bing is some Black Ops thing that microsoft doesnt release to consumers and Intel will not release an image for. There are reports of someone using a hannspree image to get the stick working. There was some info posted on where to get an 8.1 with Bing but Intel most gloriously removed the post as it indirectly pointed to a site that Intel does not approve of.


          Anyways you should find some help on this thread.


          Complete driver list for Windows 8.1


          Good Luck