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    Windows 10 and Intel CCKM


      HI, Does anyone know if Intel CCKM is supported in Windows 10.

      Also i am wondering if Windows 8 / 8.1 supports it.

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          Hello target,


          Intel® PROSet/Wireless Connection Utility has the option to use CCKM.  Here is how you can do: Create a new profile; it can be created as an individual profile or from the Administrator Tool. Once you click on Profiles, click on Add (fill in General Settings blanks for a new profile) or Properties (for an existing profile), you may go to Security Settings, select Enterprise Security and WPA(2) Enterprise. Then, when you click on the Cisco Options button you should see Allow Fast Roaming (CCKM).


          As for Windows* 10, we recommend to wait until its official release. Microsoft* has this web site that might help you as well when the new version of the OS is released: Windows Compatibility Center

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            Hi Aleki,


            Thank you very much. So CCKM connection is possible only via Intel Proset Utility is that understanding correct.


            How is this different from OKC from Microsoft.



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              We are going to gather some more information about it. Please give us some time.

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                Hello target,


                Thank you for your time. We received confirmation that our adapters meet the WiFi Alliance requirements that also includes Cisco* standards. It depends on Cisco* to make sure they work with their standards. Since neither Microsoft* OKC nor CCKM are Intel(R) Products, we recommend that you contact them for further information as they are the only one that can provide complete information on the difference.