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    Core i7 DRAM to cache prefetcher


      My machine has a Core i7-4790 Haswell processor. I am aware that the following prefetchers are built in and enabled:

      • Data Prefetch Logic: The DPL prefetch mechanism is similar to the hardware prefetch mechanism provided by the Intel NetBurst® microarchitecture. This prefetch mechanism fetches streams of instructions and data from memory to the unified second-level cache upon detecting a stride.
      • L2 Streaming Prefetch: L2 Streaming Prefetcher, like the Intel NetBurst® microarchitecture's Adjacent Cache Line Prefetch, fetches adjacent 64-byte cache line.

      Is there a built-in DRAM-cache prefetcher as well (not DRAM-disk)? If so, is there a way to turn it on/off from either the BIOS or possible from the Linux terminal?

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          Hello aphusky,


          This option will be available in the BIOS depending on what the Computer Manufacture left unlocked. On Intel® motherboards, this feature is not available. From Linux terminal, I am not sure if it can be enabled but perhaps other users can share their Linux experiences.


          You can also post your question on Linux communities to get more information about the terminal configuration for these purposes.