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    P3700 DeviceStatus is  *ASSERT_FFFF0194 5Q



      I was trying to format my P3700 400GB to enable 4K physical block sizes instead of 512byte.


      [root@node tmp]# isdct start -intelssd 1 Function=NVMeFormat LBAFormat=3 SecureEraseSetting=0 ProtectionInformation=0 MetaDataSetting=0
      WARNING! You have selected to format the drive!
      Proceed with the format? (Y|N): Y
      Running NVMe Format...
      NVMe Format Successful.


      Afterwhich I rebooted and the DeviceStatus is now:  *ASSERT_FFFF0194 5Q
      If I try to dump any kind of logs, or run any kind of command it fails with: Error: Selected drive is in a disable logical state.


      Is this a defective card? Anyone experienced anything similar?


      Firmware: 8DV10131