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    NUC D54250WYK to AV receiver


      I have been using my NUC D54250 for more than a year as a multi media PC with an older receiver. I'm running Windows 8.1 64bit and using Windows media player to record off the air. I recently upgraded to a new model home theater receiver, a NAD T748. When I hook the NUC into the HDMI of the receiver I cannot get any video or audio. I can run the the HDMI straight into my Samsung UHD 65" and still get a good picture but the only sound that is fed to my new receiver is stereo from the TV. I asked tech support at the Home Theater store and they said the problem is probably some sort of HDPC issue. I have looked around and updated all sorts of drivers in my NUC including even a bios update. Still can't solve it. Anyone have any suggestions?