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    Setting 1024x768 resolution on Windows 7x64 virtual monitor using Intel HD 5000



      I have a problem setting a custom resolution of 1024x768 on a virtual monitor using IntelHD 5000.

      I use the NUC 54250 kit and run Windows 7 x64 on it, connect to a monitor using HDMI or Display port (tried both).

      I define a 2nd monitor virtually (using windows screen resolution setting screen, press the detect button and select the "try to connect to : VGA").

      The only resolution I see available for the virtual monitor created is 1280x720.

      When I use the Intel HD graphics Control panel to set custom resolution, I successfully define 800x600.

      BUT, when i try to define 1024x768 custom resolution I get an error saying "Maximum bandwidth exceeded".

      For the 1st monitor (physical one, connected through HDMI/DP) I have no issues with resolution.


      How can I define 1024x768 on the virtual monitor, it's crucial for me??


      When I use desktop PC's with NVidia/AMD display adapters, I have no issue getting 1024x768 from the 2nd virtual monitor.

      I use the latest Bios/window updates/intel HD drivers (even tried the beta version, but no luck).


      Thank you.

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