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    how to increase fan speeds




      I have installed a compute accelerator PCIe x16 card, 300Watt, power, (nvidia K80).

      I want to ensure that the cards is cooled properly by confiming fan speed increase in response to compute card usage.  Currently the card runs a job and reaches ~66C but the system fans remain at normal speed, 4 - 5k rpms, system air flow of 40CFM, intake air temp of 18C.


      Will the default fan speeds be increased if I edit a bios setting?  How does the altitude setting affect the air flow?  Will it increase?


        -- The server is an: Intel S2600GZ   Version: R2208GZ4GC





      I found this link which describes the opposite of what I need to do.  Is there a method to increase fan speed?


      Server Products — System Fan Runs Too Fast or Too Loud



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