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    Intel Desktop NIC drivers for Windows 7?


      I've been checking periodically for Windows 7 version of drivers for the Intel Pro/1000 line of adapters, but so far the Win7 OS doesn't show up in the list when you go to download the drivers.  We have several computers using a variety of this line of adapter and since we're working on a clone to use on all those computers, I'd like to get the Intel driver set, but I'd like it to actually show that it is for Windows 7.  For example, the driver was just recently updated to v14.6 on October 2nd, but it doesn't show that Windows 7 is supported, so we're really hesitant to use it when it doesn't specifically state it supports Windows 7.


      Is there any info on getting the Windows 7 version of drivers posted?  Thank you.


      Keith Hemmelman

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          Sorry to hear you are having trouble finding the Windows 7 drivers you need. Which adapter do you have? The Windows 7 drivers are available in Download Center. Try PROWIN732.exe for 32-bit editons of Windows 7 or PROWIN7X64.exe for x64 editions. If your adapter or network connection is not supported by this file, then nothing will be updated when you try to install.


          Some adapters will not have any driver updates for Windows 7 beyond the drivers provided in box with the Windows 7 install. See Is my Intel® Ethernet Adapter supported in Microsoft Windows 7*? for a list of adapters that have updated Windows 7 drivers and a list of adapters that only have the base drivers included in the box with Windows 7.

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            Thank you for the reply Mark.  We have around 30 models of computers that I have to build a single clone to work on.  In past clones with XP and Vista, I would include the Intel set of drivers for the Pro100 and Pro1000 model of NIC's from Intel to ensure we had a single source for the driver set that included the widest support for the most model cards.  (A driver from the manufacturer may not support as many.)  Thus, for the Windows 7 clone, I would like to do the same.


            The link you provided showing the support for Intel desktop NIC adapters is very helpful in figuring out what NIC's I do, or do not, need to worry about including a driver in our clone.  It appears that many Intel NIC cards will not have a specific driver from Intel and that we should use the driver that is built into Windows 7.  Thanks again for the links and answer.