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    i7-860 heavy cpu throttling (Win7 + DP55WG)


      I just built a new Win7 system using a Antec Illusion 300 case, Intel DP55WG motherboard and a i7-860 processor (stock cooling)


      When running a prime95 test the processor is only seeing ~2.0ghz and CPU-Fan reports 6 of the cores are at 85 degrees (the other two are at 78).

      The system stability is good even at the high temperature. I did just order a "Arctic Freezer 7 rev 2" from NewEgg it should arrive next week.


      I guess my question is "Is that stock heatsink & fan really that bad?" I did re-seat the stock heat sink to double check it and I used a different thermal compound. That didn't help much / any. I was just hoping for a non-overclocked stable system (that is why I chose the Intel board), but it is disappointing to have these cooling issues at stock speed.


      Is there anything else I should be looking at?