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    Intel Rapid Storage bug with ICH9R on Asus P5K‑E/WiFi‑AP


      Hello, first sorry for my English, I'm French speaker.


      I con‑tact this forum be‑cause I have a little pro‑blem / bug and I want to know why it is happen. And how to cor‑rect it.


      I have a Asus P5K‑E/WiFi‑AP (with last BIOS 1305) with Intel P35 & ICH9R chip‑set, an Intel Core Quad Q9650 3Ghz, 4go DDR2 800MHz Corsair DHX and five hard drive in AHCI mode.


      Be‑fore I had Windows XP and I used the Intel Matrix Storage, and he was a very good driver. But since the 6 mars 2015 I up‑graded my sy‑stem to Windows 7 64bits Home Premium, to be able to launch some DirectX 11 games and to in‑stall the new Nvidia GTX 970 be‑cause there is no driver for Windows XP...


      I in‑stalled the Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver in Windows 7, but after that, I was un‑able to use Windows Up‑date any‑more, after a lot of search, hope‑fully I finded in Microsoft & Intel forum, telling that the I.M.S.M driver block Windows Up‑date in Windows 7. These forum sug‑gested to use "Intel Rapid Storage" :


      I tryed to in‑stall the last desk‑top A.H.C.I version but he re‑fused to launch.


      After some search, I read these pages :


      So I in‑stalled the "Intel Rapid Storage driver" last version sup‑porting ICH9R.

      Cool with that one my "Windows Up‑date" was back and working.


      But now I find in it a strange be‑havior, when I launch my Windows 7, and look at "IAStorUI.exe", in "manage", they show for my 5 hard drives "SATA transfer‑rate: 3Gb/S", that is cor‑rect for ICH9R chip‑set.

      Intel Rapid Storage technology 1.jpgCrystalDiskInfo G 3 Gb.JPGCrystalDiskMark G 3 Gb.JPG

      But after some time, in some case 20min, 1, 2 or 5 hour, for un‑known reason or per‑haps after launching a un‑known software, the G: drive (Seagate ST2000DX001-1CM164) speed and only this drive, de‑crease in Intel Rapid Sorage Manager to "SATA transfer‑rate: 1.5Gb/S", I don't why.

      After the bug begins, the speed is shown by CrystalDiskInfo to : Transfer Mode "SATA/150 | SATA/600", "Cur‑rent Mode | Sup‑ported Mode".


      After the bug ap‑pears, the drive works at SATA/150 and the speed of the drive tested with CrystalDiskMark de‑crease to 130MB/S.


      G: is my new game drive (SSHD). He has 170 to 200MB/S Read speed, to launch the games faster, it is a SATA/600 capable, but works at SATA/300 which is enough be‑cause the disk has 160 to 200MB/S speed. Be‑fore that my G: was a SAMSUNG HD501LJ with Sequential Read : 51.436 MB/s, so my new Seagate ST2000DX001 drive is 3 to 4 time faster. Which is cool for games launching.


      The only way to stop transfer‑rate speed de‑creasing is to re‑boot or to put Windows 7 64Bits in sleep‑state, after that the speed come back to "SATA transfer‑rate: 3Gb/S".


      I know that in the STOR_Win7_8_12.5.0.1066.exe :

      We can read at line 4161280, that "the Sata transfer‑rate in‑formation is in‑cor‑rectly dis‑played in the UI" bug is cor‑rected but I'm not able to in‑stall this version.

      Still I don't think is just an in‑cor‑rect dis‑playing be‑cause my speed is af‑fected in bench‑mark test tools (CrystalDiskMark, Bench32, HD Tune Pro).


      So what to do to re‑move this strange bug.


      I know that loosing 50 to 80MB/S of speed for my G: drive is not so serious, but still, I want to know the cause and how to re‑pair it. I don't want to re‑boot or put in sleep‑state and wake the P.C up every‑day.


      I have this bug only with this drive, the others stay at "SATA transfer‑rate: 3Gb/S" in "Intel Rapid Storage Manager".


      Please help‑me. Thank you.


      P.S : I had this bug since in‑stalled Windows 7 & Intel Rapid Storage Technology in mars 2015, two month I didn't had that pro‑blem any‑more, and now in jun it happen again...

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          Please bear in mind you have ICH controller and you are trying to install software that was developed specifically for PCH controllers.


          I would recommend trying installing Intel® Rapid Storage version 9.6 and let me know your findings.

          File name: STOR_allOS_9.6.0.1014_PV.exe



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            The driver you pro‑vide me is for R.A.I.D, I use A.H.C.I mode. Also the Intel Rapid Storage sup‑port & re‑co‑gnize ICH serie (& ICH9R), I don't under‑stand why do yo say that he is only for PCH (Platform Con‑troller Hub)...


            I readed the "iaAHCI.inf" of "STOR_allOS_9.6.0.1014_PV.exe" by ex‑tracting the files with -A -NODRV com‑mand, I read in‑side that ICH9R is sup‑ported, but the readme.txt is from 2010/03/17, much older than the readme.txt of STOR_allOS_10.8.0.1003.exe from 2011/11/09... I also extracted the file from STOR_allOS_10.8.0.1003.exe with -A -NODRV and in "iaAHCI.inf" ICH9R is sup‑ported...


            I don't want to use an older version, lot of bugs cor‑rected in the next re‑leases are still there...


            The work & IAStorUI.exe to and sup‑port & re‑co‑gnize ICH9R (look at the two pictures below)... But some‑time I have that bug of "SATA transfer‑rate: 1.5Gb/S" only with driver G: and I just want to know why it happen and why only that drive have this bug...


            Can I have this bug be‑cause of a faulty P.S.U ? (I have an seven year old Antec Earth-Watts 650W, ATX12V v2.2 & EPS12V v2.91).

            Be‑cause be‑fore 3 month, I changed my Asus GeForce ENGTX 275 (219W, 550W P.S.U re‑quired) with a Asus GeForce GTX 970 DCMOC (145W, 500W P.S.U re‑quired) and after re‑boot two drives were not re‑co‑gnized & de‑tected by the B.I.O.S, after shutting‑down and re‑starting one drive was not re‑cognized by the B.I.O.S and after shutting‑down and re‑starting, all drives were de‑tected (it's strange be‑cause GTX 970 use less watt than GTX 275)...

            This pro‑blem happened to, when I changed the 11/05/2015 my Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3GHz using ATX12V 4‑Pin C.P.U with an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 3GHz using EPS12V 8‑Pin  Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 Fan & Temperature, after re‑boot the two drives were not re‑co‑gnized...

            Now when I play, I have freeze (I can close the DX3D ap‑plications in "Task‑manager", it is not a crash with need to hard‑re‑set) with my GeForce GTX 970 when using new driver WHQL R349 & R352 (who ad‑d sup‑port for DirectX 12, WDDM 2.0 & Windows 10), I have no pro‑blem when using the R346 (347.88 WHQL) on my GTX 970 & R340 (340.52 & 341.44 WHQL) with my GTX 275, some‑one told me after re‑porting this T.D.R bug to NVidia forum driver re‑port thread for WHQL 350.12, 352.86 & 353.06, that maybe my P.S.U is old & faulty (you can read the post here, but when we click we go to page 59, and my post is page 60 user "Nemzag" :

            What do you think ? Is the Intel Rapid Storage bug ? Or can it be the P.S.U ?

            I don't used my PC 3,5 years from 3 mars 2011, and I re‑started it in October 2014, after that time, I noticed these pro‑blems :

            1. one drive (C:) had clusters error (S.M.A.R.T monitoring showed yellow status),
            2. my DVD SH‑S223B reader don't open im‑mediately any‑more,
            3. my Logitech G5 laser‑mouse shut‑down & re‑start in 3 seconds every two ~ five hours, with‑out need to re‑de‑tection by U.S.B, is already in‑stalled,
            4. my Creative head‑phone was making a strange short-circuit sound in on‑line games,
            5. my Corsair CM2X1024‑6400C4 R.A.M had one MEMTEST86+ error...

            I changed the hard‑drive drives (Seagate ST1000DM003-1ER162 for C: & ST2000DX001-1CM164 for G:), my memory (R.M.A) with Corsair 2x CM2X2048-6400C5DHX, my head‑phone with a Microsoft LifeChat LX‑2000...

            Should I change the P.S.U ? Can the P.S.U un‑suf‑ficient power cause de‑creasing of "SATA transfer‑rate: 3.0Gb/S" to "SATA transfer‑rate: 1.5Gb/S" for G: ?


            Can I use ESRT2 : https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/24637/ESRT2-RAID-driver-for-Windows-, does he have AHCI mode com‑patible mode with ICH9R ?



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              Unless you have a server board, you can use ESRT2 RAID driver, otherwise, you need to use Intel® Rapid Storage. The file name I posted contains AHCI and RAID drivers.

              Insufficient current on power supply or bad cables may cause this problem. I would recommend checking those two components.