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    How can I build a kernel without any default spi device for edison?



      I find there are some spi devices which are activated during the kernel startup process.

      They are: spi5.0 and spi5.1(You can find them in /sys/bus/spi/devices).The "spi5.1" device is related to "spidev5.1" but I don't konw which driver is related to "spi5.0".(They are two driver "ads7955" and "spi_max3111" in /sys/bus/spi/driver).


      The problem is that:

      When I make a new driver and insmod it,there is no other chip_select left because spi_bus 5&chip_select 1 was used in "spidev5.1" and spi_bus 5&chip_select 0 was used in other device which I am not sure above.

      So, I think I need to build a kernel without any default spi device,then I can use spi_bus 5&chip_select 1 in my driver.

      However, I do not kown how to do it.I can not find anything about them through the cmd "bitbake yocto-linux -c menuconfig".I do not konw which options I need to cancel.


      Can anyone help me?

      Thank you very much!!!


      PS:I think maybe I can remove some spi_borad_info about spidev&ads7955&spi_max3111.But I can not find some files about spi_borad_info in arch/x86.

           Do anyone where are them?

           In s3cXXXX_platforn,they should be in "arch/arm/s3cxxxx_platform/xxxx"