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    How to know that shared memory is working on the application? Can I increase dedicated memory in macbook on windows7? Intel HD 5000


      CPU: Intel i-5-4260u CPU @ 1.30GHz 1.90GHz

      RAM: 4.00Gb

      Os: Windows7 64bit

      VGA: Intel HD 5000 (lastest driver, 5/22/2015)


      Can I increase dedicated memory by using application? Because  I can't enter BIOS on macbook.

      Total Available Graphics Memory: 1824

      Dedicated Video Memory: 192Mb

      System Video Memory: 0Mb

      Shared System Memory: 1632Mb


      Sometimes I play game and it's lagging. It's not high performance game that is lagging.

      My friends who has macbook with Intel HD4000 can play the game without lagging on the same OS and RAM.

      I just want to know that the shared memory on VGA is working or not.

      Can someone please help me?