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    What's with Intel NUC and Bluetooth Keyboards/Mice?


      Ok, so I have spent the better part of today reading all the threads about Bluetooth connecting to mice and keyboards but not actually functioning.  That lead me to several hours of uninstalling, installing, reinstalling, and trying to get several items to work but none do.  Sounds like this is a major issue that's just not getting resolved for something that's seemingly foolproof.


      Brand new NUC5i7RYH containing an Intel 7265 radio with fully updated W7-64 SP1, updated BIOS and drivers along with brand new Logitech K810 Bluetooth keyboard and Logitech M557 Bluetooth mouse.  The Bluetooth radio is on and working, I can pair the two devices and Windows sees them.  So does the Logitech SetPoint software and it tells me the batteries are full.  So everything seems right but neither device actually functions.


      The keyboard has a row of function keys and SOME work.  The volume up and down, the calculator button and the Home key (brings up the default browser) all actually work so I know the keyboard is connected and recognized but not one other key functions.  Can't type, use the Windows key, CTRL-ALT-DEL, etc.  On the mouse, nothing works.  Both devices on/off buttons connect and disconnect the devices as I can see them appear and reappear in Device Manager.  I've paired and repaired many times with many different drivers (ones I could find that did not result in a 404 not found...) but nothing....


      I also tried with a Logitech MX5000 Bluetooth keyboard and the same thing happens with it.  All three devices connect to Android devices just fine (Droid Turbo, Droid Razr Maxx, Samsung Galaxy Tab S and Asus MemoPad HD) so I know the devices function.


      What's wrong with the NUC line?  Is this a NUC and 64-bit Windows issue?  Should I install W7 32 bit instead?  Is this radio bad?  Very frustrating especially after reading through these threads and working through several drivers and settings as suggested.  That was a lot of work to do with no resolution.


      Without a functioning Bluetooth keyboard/mouse, using this as an HTPC just won't work.


      Anyone have a real solution here?  Intel?

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          Don't feel tooo bad. I can't get Bluetooth to work at all on any of the linux distro's i've tried... so it's not just Windoze. But I agree, as a discrete little HTPC it kind of sucks that you need to plug everything in via USB as Bluetooth is a no-show. :-(

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            Coincidentally I experienced the same problem with my NUC5i7RYH which I built yesterday

            I run Windows 8.1 Pro 32 bits, use the latest Bios and drivers provided by Intel and my bluetooth adaptor does sometime stay off after I reboot

            Coincidently, I too use a bluetooth keyboard/Mouse (MX5000/MX1000) from logitech however the issue is not the logitech keyboard and mouse but the bluetooth adaptor delivered with the NUC.

            I wonder whether there is a Bios setting that causes this problerm







            , loaded the latest Bios and drivers and experienced my bluetooth keyboard MX5000 and Mouse MX1000

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              I have a NUC5i3RYH and the Bluetooth does work... kind of.


              I was running a Bluetooth mouse with it (older Logitech) and generally fine, on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS. But I think there is an issue bringing Bluetooth back from suspend. I found it worked fine for a few days but then randomly Ubuntu would no longer see the Bluetooth controller at all after resume. Reboot and still no Bluetooth controller. Huh? Nope.


              (Nowadays I'd just be happy IF the machine actually came back out of suspend when I pressed the power button but that's a whole other problem).


              Pull the power, reboot and bingo - Bluetooth back. Apparently this is a "known issue". Even with the previous gen NUCs. Will it get fixed? I doubt it! The 7265 gets quite a lot of bad press in this regard.


              I've given up on it and use a USB wireless dongle instead.


              Good luck!

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                Thanks Remerson for your feedback.

                I like your workaround. I will probably buy myself a bluetooth USB dongle as well. Thanks for the Tip !

                I see that there are indeed a lot of threads about this problem.

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                  Well, I just spent a good portion of *today* uninstalling 64-bit Windows 7 and installing 32-bit Windows 7 and had even worse results.  This time around the pairing between the keyboard & mouse and the NUC was performed but not really successful.  Windows saw them and added them to the Devices and Printers but both were greyed out and the connection really did not exist.  This time the F-keys on the keyboard did not work at all and did not control the volume or bring up the calculator, etc.  Except for the fact that the devices were seen and a pairing was attempted, 32-bit Windows 7 was a complete failure.


                  I also went through 3 or 4 sets of drivers and even some third party software but nothing really worked.  Just a half-hearted pairing and no functionality.  I guess I will go back to 64-bit W7 and try again.


                  I really don't want to use a Bluetooth dongle because that takes up a USB portI could have used for a standard Logitech Unifying receiver and keyboard/mouse pair (which probably would have worked just fine) but I really wanted to use the internal Bluetooth and leave the USB ports free for external hard drives and other peripherals since the existing Bluetooth was kind of a selling point to buying the NUC in the first place!


                  This is pretty disappointing and I kinda wish I had gone with my initial gut feel and bought a Brix instead though, to be fair, I don't really know what problems that PC has other than high heat and a noisy fan.


                  I guess I'll keep trying and probably have to submit a service request to Intel and see if they have the will to fix this (ha ha ha ha!)

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                    100% agree. If I'd known the Intel unit was not going to perform as advertised i would definitely have gone with Brix.
                    The Bluetooth was key to my buying decision due to minute form factor, limited ports etc.. not much point getting a cute little form factor and immediately ganging it up to USB hubs to run your peripherals.

                    One would think that Intel could build a Bluetooth chip and support it with functional drivers, but obviously the mighty have fallen. It's hard to believe that Intel can't fix this??

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                      ..now that i think about it, the Brix is probably using the same damn chipset, so either way it ain't gonna work.

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                        It appears that the Gigabyte Brix Pro (the one I would get) contains a Realtek solution, not an Intel.  Some of the other Brix do have an Intel but the Pro does not.  Interesting....


                        But now I'm wondering if I can swap out the Intel card for a replacement that works.

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                          Hi all, there are only two versions of Bluetooth drivers currently available for this device (17.1.1501.01 / 17.1.1411.01).

                          Please install Intel® PROSet Wireless Software 17.16.0 and share your results. How is the WiFi connection working?

                          Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software — Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software for Bluetooth® Technology

                          Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software — Wireless Adapter Downloads

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                            Hi Joe,

                            I am now running my NUC5i7RYH on windows 8.1 Pro 64 bits

                            I just installed the driver 17.1.1501.01 and after reboot the bluetooth Adapter was still not working


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                              Hi Joe,

                              My NUC5i5RYH is running Ubuntu 15.04 so hey... I get that I'm probably not going to be greatly supported by Intel and that would be fine... except there seems to be a heap of Windoze users experiencing similar symptoms, which is why I'm interested in not simply writing this off as the price of going Linux.

                              .. and in answer to your Q WiFi networking is solid, though I did have to reset it a coupla times early on. Seems good now.

                              You can see the Bluetooth icon flicking on and off continuously as the OS attempts to initialize it.This is what I get...


                              $ dmesg | grep -i bluetooth; dmesg | grep -i firmware; lsmod | grep bluetooth; rfkill list all

                              [ 6227.188792] Bluetooth: hci0 sending initial HCI reset command failed (-19)

                              .... a constant stream of this as ubuntu attempts to reset the device ....

                              [ 7171.993287] Bluetooth: hci0 sending initial HCI reset command failed (-19)

                              [ 7174.129688] Bluetooth: hci0 sending initial HCI reset command failed (-19)

                              bluetooth             491520  12 bnep,btusb,rfcomm

                              0: phy0: Wireless LAN

                                Soft blocked: no

                                Hard blocked: no

                              3354: hci0: Bluetooth

                                Soft blocked: no

                                Hard blocked: no


                              Would be lovely if this could be fixed


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                                Hey f.bosch,


                                You're not gonna believe this... but I managed to get mine working by shutting it down.. then pulling the power from the NUC for a minute. That was it.,


                                Then it just started working. Seriously. Good luck you might get the same result.



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                                  I did this as well and that actually got the keyboard and mouse to connect afterwards.  I thought that was going to be the solution for good but I decided to reinstall W7 again to be sure and I also loaded up the drivers joe_intel suggested.  Sad news - it did not work right away.


                                  I simply loaded up Windows, did not update, tried connecting with no joy.  Loaded Joe's suggested drivers.  No luck.  Fully updated Windows, making sure the drivers were what Joe suggested but still no connection.


                                  Bringing the device back to a blank slate and freshly installing Windows and drivers does not seem to work right away.  BUT, I tried again with the unplugging and that magically did work after the fact.  So something about loading up Windows and the drivers and then unplugging the NUC for several minutes kicks the OS/driver combo into gear, I guess.


                                  As a check, I went ahead and bought the Gigabyte Brix Pro anyway since I have two TV rooms and wanted to set up HTPCs for both.  Loaded up Windows and you know what, the Realtek connected to both keyboard and mouse first time.  No fuss.  Also connected to the other older MX5000 keyboard first time.


                                  So the fix for Intel to figure out is why unplugging the device after loading up OS/drivers kick starts the Bluetooth.  Why do devices appear to connect but really don't.  What's wrong with the Intel wireless card that just doesn't work out of the box.  If the Realtek can, so should the Intel.


                                  Since the only thing that's worked so far is the unplugging of power for several minutes, I'll mark that as the solution for this thread but I still think there's something wrong with the Intel wireless card.  Please fix it.


                                  Thanks everyone for the replies, suggestions and help. It was greatly appreciated.