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    DQ45CB - Sysprep and USB K/B and Mouse support


      Hi everyone, I wonder if someone may have the answer to my problem. I have recently updated my WinXP SP3 image, and I am having problems distributing it to my DQ45CB systems. The problem is that the USB keyboard and mouse is not being detected, after the reboot where it says 'Detecting hardware, such as keyboard and mouse'.

      This image successfully distributes to the 845, 865, 965 JO and MP systems I have.

      Does anyone have any suggestions?





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          Hi Steve


          Could you please clarify?


          I’m not quite understand what you trying to say by "recently updated my WinXP SP3 image"


          If what you trying to do is to install O/S over the network and you have an issue with some drivers.

          The best will be to create an image, using a programs like n-lite and add the chipset, audio, video, and land drivers, for that particular motherboard.


          Certainly you cannot use the same O.S install for all the systems and expect they all end up configured accordantly, as some of them are newer and XP might not have the drivers on a default install CD. (So you will have indeed a few yellows bangs)









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            Hi Span1shuk

            Thanks for the reply. Yes I already have a master image, which I update with the neccessary drivers, using Sysprep as I need to, when we purchase different models.

            However, that's not really the issue, as the imaging process has become a standard proceedure to me now. As the PC reboots it stops at the 'Computer Name' section, and I can't name the PC because I can't use the USB keyboard, and there is no PS2 connector for me to use a PS2 keyboard temporarily.

            I hope this clarifies the issue.