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    Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 compatibility issue with WIN10


      My laptop has Intel(R) HD 4000 graphics installed and in the recent Windows 10 reservation notification that was sent out to Windows 7 and 8 users the PC check states that this graphics processor will cease to perform correctly and I will experience problems with my display. My questions are:


      1. What kind of problems can I expect to see?

      2. Is the problem with the processor or with the drivers?

      3. What are the possible solutions given the rest of the laptops' specs are: Toshiba Notebook, Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.3GHz, 8GB RAM, 64-bit operating system currently running WIN7 (SP1).

      4. If upgrading my CPU, to get a better integrated GPU, is the only option can this even be done on a laptop?


      The laptop is as bought. No hardware has been upgraded since buying it about 2 years ago. If possible, I'd prefer not to have to upgrade hardware or the laptop just because MS doesn't want to accommodate my processor.


      I see with 4600 updates will be provided once the launch on the 29th of July occurs.. any news if this will also include the 4000?


      EDIT: All optional WIN7 updates have been done and it still registers the imminent error with the 4000.