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    Intel 7260 ac wifi chip with i7Gen1


      I installed the new Intel 7260 AC dual band wifi chip in my laptop, a Sager NP5160 from May of 2011. It has windows 7 64 bit, an i7 Gen one cpu. I had a Intel 6300 Ultimate Centrino AGN N chip. The speeds with the 6300 chip are significantly faster, showing up to 42Mbs on speedtest. I have a TP Link Archer C7 1750 router.

      With the old 6300 chip it showed a theoretical speed of 360-405mbs, and with the new chip it shows 867mbs. But when I do a speedtest on the 7260 chip, I cant get past 12mbs.

      I use the intel utility for drivers, and I have the latest drivers... I have played with several of the advanced settings using forums I read where people had similiar issues, but no one has discussed the issue with i7 Gen one cpu chips. Is that an issue?

      Or, what are the settings in advance setting for this chip supposed to be?