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    Intel 750 BSOD issue


      I bought a 750 drive this Monday. It is used as a secondary drive for gaming. Until yesterday night, all went well. But I suffered two BSOD during the game yesterday. The second one, even could not be recovered. Everytime, I reboot the system, BSOD ocurred during the booting, even the safe mode could not help. Eventually, I disable the card using mainboard PCIe switch, then the system could boot. After that, I switched on again, this time, the system could boot. And I don't have the further test, because it was late.


      My specs


      Asus R4BE


      ssd 750 400G

      16G Mem

      two HD7970 CF


      Operating system win8.1

      750 Drive version, 1.10xxxx, I dont remember the detail ver. but it was not the newest one, which I found on your website released on 1st Jun.

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          Hello louisly,


          It may be that your motherboard is not compatible with the Intel® SSD 750 Series. Please check this link for further information: Intel® SSD 750 Series — Tested Motherboards

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            ...That's not a good answer, even not an answer at all, because


            Quote from your link,


            "Intel® SSD 750 Series have been tested with selected motherboards. The focus of the testing is to make sure the operating system installs, and is fully functional as a boot volume."

            As I mentioned in the beginning, I use the drive as a secondary drive. My system is installed at another drive.


            "Successful test results provide a guide for a successful system build. Successful results do not guarantee compatibility with other hardware."

            As your document addressed that even with your tested boards, they do not guarantee compatibility, only guarantee for a boot volume. My problem here has no relationship with the boot issue, so the article means nothing to me.

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              Just a update, I'm currently running the drive with the latest driver ver. 1.20xxxx. And I dont have any problem so far after updated the driver, but I will keep this thread updated if I encounter any issue...

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                Hello louisy,


                We are glad to know that it is working properly after you updated the drivers. We are sorry for the misunderstanding.

                Intel recommends that in cases like this one, just make sure you're using the latest Intel(R) drivers. Let us know if you need anything regarding your Intel® SSD 750 Series.

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                  Same issue again happened on 6th Jun with exactly the same condition (I was gaming, and suddenly, Boom....) If no further solution given, I'll call RMA...

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                    Hello Louisly,


                    You are more than welcome to contact our technical support for live troubleshooting as our technicians will be more than glad to assist you with this issue. You can contact us through this link, just make sure to choose the right region you are located in. Contact Support also, you might want to take a look in this link below for additional information. Intel® SSD 750 Series — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)