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      This BSOD starts to irritating me.

      Happens for more than 1/2 a year (likely almost a year) with occasional intensity but last weeks almost daily which is bad already.

      The driver name leads me to Intel support since it's name of Intel driver binary.

      What I'd need to know firstly if that's software (ie. bad configuration or conflict) or hardware problem. I'm close to decide RMA the laptop to manufacturer but this is very unfavourable solution so wanted to be more sure first if that's really HW problem.

      Other circumstances: perceptionally louder fans going at idle states.

      At home using exclusively external LCD panel for output (HDMI 1.4a cable, HDMI audio enabled).

      Last but not least thing: the BSOD happens in major cases immediately after waking the monitor on from standby state) so it may relate to power management or similar thing.