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    Problem with Graphics driver




      i have trouble with installing the graphics driver from the Intel Download Page for the Windows version of the stick. I tried the standalone and the one in the bundle but both times I get the same error message.

      Something like "The Hardware does not meet the minimum requirements" a rough translation from german. Please check the setup files.


      By the way, my first experience with the stick was runing into a Reboot-Loop during Windows configuration and had absolutly no luck with the recovery partition and so on. And since I have a spare license of Windows 8.1 Pro I installed this Version and it is running fine except this driver problem.


      As for a usable Linux image for the bigger stick for download, I second this. Especially since both sticks are perfect for a KODI or openELEC installation and the only problem is the Realtek chip, so maybe it is easier helping the Linux community with the driver for the Realtek chip.