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    New NUC5i7RYH and Remote Desktop Connection Screen Failures


      Just loaded a brand new NUC5i7RYH with 8GB of Kingston HyperX, a Samsung 850 EVO and Windows 7 x64.  It seems to run fine except for one major annoyance.  Since this is going to be an HTPC connected to the TV, I want to be able to remote into it from my main computer using Windows Remote Desktop Connection to administer the PC (when the TV is off).  That generally works except for when I minimize the RDC session and subsequently restore it.  The restored RDC screen is either black and non functional or it's briefly the NUC desktop but moving the window at all or using the scroll handles on the window to move the screen at all locks up the session and I can not interact with the NUC desktop.  Sometimes it changes to the Welcome screen with a motionless spinning circle.  Some sort of cached image of when I originally logged on.


      I clearly can't continue to close and open RDC every time so there's something odd going on here.  This does not happen with any other PCs or laptops in the house, just the NUC.


      This is driving me crazy.


      Some additional detail - I have the NUC on the table with only the power and network cables connected and I'm connecting from another W7 64-bit machine.


      Thoughts?  Defective NUC?  Don't use RDC even though it works for every other PC in the house?  Grrrrrr!


      Thanks for the help,