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    PWM with Edison MCU problem


      Hi Edison Developers,

      can anybody confirm, that the mcu sdk pwm example works properly?

      -> Using the MCU SDK and API: Code examples | Intel® Developer Zone <-

      It seems as if i cannot get it to run, even worst, the edison is stuck in a re-boot cycle as soon as i download the mcu app to the device. The boot process then outputs this:


      Error: Page Table entry not present, but Page state suggests that it could be present 0

      ***** Page fault occurred while accessing @ 0x00000000 *****

      Current context ID  = 0xff1134b8

      Faulting instruction address = 0x00000000

      Fatal ISR error! Spinning...


      I can manage to stop the autoboot with a keystroke from the terminal, followed by a manual re-flash of the firmware ("boot > run do_flash" in serial terminal, "~/edison-fw-image/flashall.sh") .

      I followed the instruction of the code example and edited /etc/intel/mcu_fw_loader.sh to turn off pwm power management on linux side. also i started the init_mcu_PWM.sh from this very file (before the power management is turned off).


      The GPIO example works fine, also the ISR and the /dev/ttymcu0 communication.


      Do i miss something here? I am using the mcusdk 1.0.10 and edison-image-ww18-15 (and i've tested edison-image-ww05-15, too) on an Edison/Arduino Breakout Board.


      Thank you for your comments on the issue.