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    3110/5110 Nokia LCD with Edison (SPI interface pins?)

      I have a 3110 nokia lcd screen that works well with my Arduino using Adafruit's guide, that uses Adafruit's PCD8544 and GFX libraries. Now, I've also imported these libraries into IntelArduino 1.6.0. However, when I compile the example code, it sows many errors from the libraries' code.


      So I searched for other code for the Nokia LCD, and found this (in the attachment below too). Well, it compiled and uploaded to my edison okay, but the LCD wont work I can see that the LCD is connected to power because the backlight switches on. I've triple checked connections. Note: I changed the spi pins in the code, but to no avail:

      const int scePin = 4;   // SCE - Chip select, pin 3 on LCD.

      const int rstPin = 3;   // RST - Reset, pin 4 on LCD.

      const int dcPin = 5;    // DC - Data/Command, pin 5 on LCD.

      const int sdinPin = 11;  // DN(MOSI) - Serial data, pin 6 on LCD.

      const int sclkPin = 13;  // SCLK - Serial clock, pin 7 on LCD.


      I came to the conclusion that perhaps the pins declared for spi interface in the code aren't suited for SPI on the Edison. I can't find any documentation that clearly says where the SCK, MOSI, MISO, CS pins are. Maybe I have to use those spcific pins instead :/  Can anyone tell me how to use SPI on the edison for this LCD display? (as simple as possible)