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    G33 Express Onboard Graphics - driver crash - iglicd32.dll


      Having problems running Vega Strike 0.5.0 on my Intel G33 onboard graphics chipset. The game crashes after a few minutes. Debugging into Visual Studio, I can see the problem is with the Intel OpenGL driver dll iglicd32.dll.


      0B905010 39 7C 02 04      cmp         dword ptr [edx+eax+4],edi


      Causes an access violation.


      Second issue, which I think might be similar -- when running Warzone 2100 (Warzone Resurrection), the game will crash randomly.


      I have updated my G33 drivers to the latest version (, and it made no difference. I will now try the 5009 version, but I'm very doubtful it will help.


      Any ideas?