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    NUCS I build continuously go to sleep during customer OOBE


      Hey guys.


      The first 5 or so NUCS I've built have had NO ISSUES.


      The last two 5i5RYH NUCs I have built work 100% fine during Audit mode when I've built it. I put the latest 247 BIOS on, latest drivers, all updates, everything works fine.


      But with I set the NUC to OOBE - when the customer then runs through the OOBE, after setting up their account details, the NUC goes to sleep. Wake it up, 20 seconds or less later it goes to sleep. You can be in the middle of typing your PC name, it just goes to sleep.


      EVEN when it then boots to complete Windows (after repeatedly waking it up, answering a few OOBE questions, sleep, start it again, few questions, sleep, go again) it still does it.


      Magically a FULL Windows install does not have this issue.


      I thought this was a once off on the last one I built (first one to use 246 BIOS, the other previous ones all had 137 BIOS), but the one I just built 5 minutes ago (247 BIOS) does it as well. I was smart enough to test it BEFORE shipping to customers and in OOBE, after I'd put in my Microsoft Account, bang, to sleep she went. Wake it up, answer the next question, sleepy time.


      So, basically I now cannot ship factory pre-installed NUCs in OOBE mode any more. This is a pretty serious issue for an OEM builder such as myself. I'm not saying the BIOS is the cause (it could be Mar or May drivers) but I suspect it's BIOS.


      Anyone have any suggestions? It's hard to explain to customers I have to activate the machines using their details before it leaves the store now