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    3D printed boom box


      My daughter's birthday is coming up and she just loves music.  I decided to make a boom box just for her using a 3D printer and the Intel Edison.  It is fully wireless (charging too) and will play for about 12 hours on a single charge.  It actually sounds pretty good!  The amp is only a few watts but the speaker has good sensitivity.  The buttons trigger different playlists using PyLMS and it's running SqueezeLite for playback.


      To support the larger battery I changed a couple resistors on the breakout board.  I still need to get S3 standby working but there is some kernel problem at the moment.


      Here are a couple pics:



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          Awesome!! You made very nice boom box. It might be one of the precious gifts your daughter would have received in her birthdays. I too want to make such kind of stuffs. I am pretty much interested in 3d metal printing of bicycle. Want to gift it to my 12 years old younger son. Would appreciate suggestions regarding the kind of 3d printer to purchase and other things regarding 3d printing.

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            Amazingly it is still working.  It has been dropped quite a lot as you can imagine of a 2 year old.  Best of all I updated the kernel and now standby works, thanks go to the Intel team.


            3D printing metal is still very expensive.  I saw a few small 3D printed metal parts from someone at my work, he said the parts cost $4,000 USD.