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    Why does my Celeron N2830 fluctuate so wildly from 499 Mhz - 2400 Mhz?


      Yes this is a laptop but still, I've never seen a proc. change it's frequencies and multipliers so much! Every second it changes randomly from 499.99 Mhz with a x6 mult. to 2416.62 Mhz with a x29 mult and everywhere in between. Furthermore this laptop is always crawling no matter what I do with it. Typing this is taking forever as the keystrokes on screen finally catch up to my typing. This happens ALL the time! It takes forever to load webpages and start programs and playing a game is completely out of the question.


      Ignoring all of the slow actions of this PC, is this processor acting normal? The specs say that it is  supposed to be running at 2.16 Ghz with a boost of 2.41 Ghz. Shouldn't it just be stable at 2.16 Ghz and only boost to 2.41 Ghz when needed?


      Please help! I'm puzzled!?!?


      P.S. Yes, all components, and Windows too, are up-to-date!

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          Hi gexy1,


          Just to give you a brief explanations on what the processors can do, it would be possible for a processor to register a lower frequency than the base clock due to a technology called “C states”. I have added I link in case you would like to learn more about this, but basically these are just power saving modes that are used mainly for laptops.


          The important thing to understand about these power states is that they are not set or regulated by the processor but by the motherboard. Each manufacture would decide how these power modes will work and are set in the system BIOS. If you would like to know if these settings are available for modification you would have to check with your system manufacturer.


          Regarding your system being slow, the power modes would most probably not be the cause since the system should run at optimal clock speeds upon system requirements. I would suspect something else causing this, possibly Ram.



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            Thank you very much for the info. It was very helpful and I understand it alot better now. But, I still have that "crawling" problem...

            Here's the story: My Mother-in-law bought 2 identical notebooks/laptops (ASUS X551M).1 came with Mcafee and 1 came with Mcafee as a "trial" version (No activation code with the trial vesion notebook. HMMM). Either way Mcafee is hell and I really don't like it. I uninstalled Mcafee on both systems and replaced them with Free versions of AVG just for now untill the end of the month when they can get the full versions or something that is NOT Mcafee! My Father-in-law Tells me that this is when the problem started on his notebook (His is the one that had the trial version of Mcafee).


            It's puzzling to me that uninstalling Mcafee and replacing it with something just as capable but WAY less intrusive would cause this problem. I am a "basic-to-mid" level Computer geek. I know lots about hardware and little about software.


            My original question has been answered and I got valuable information and thank you very much but I still need help. Please! Or should I start a new thread somewhere else?