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    two Processors


      Hi Experts,


      Currently on one of my servers there is xeon 2.00GHz Processor a 4 core one.

      Can i add another CPU with more speed or should i have the same GHz



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          Hi Nick


          All depended of which motherboard you are using


          ?? Send us the motherboard model number






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            Its a Supermicro X7DVL motherboard which has two slots for the CPU's

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              - in general if you want to use 2CPUs in the same motherboard you must use the exact same ones with the exact same sSpec (SL) number.

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                What does sSpec (SL) number mean?



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                  sSpec Number or SL:  Also known as specification number. A five character string  (SL7AA, SL8VN, etc.) that is printed on the processor, and used to identify the  processor. By knowing the processor's sSpec Number, you can find out the  processor's core speed, cache size and speed, core voltage, maximum operating  temperature and so on. You can also find the sSpec Number on the BOX that came with the CPU.





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                    The fact that you have a Supermicro X7DVL doesn’t help, as there is a number of models named that way. For Example X7DVL-L, X7DVL-i X7DVL-E….




                    And we need to know the exact model together with the SL sSpec number of your processor.



                    Thanks J





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                      I dont have Processors box with me, and as i was using a Gabirel topala software to know the hardware information, I was able to figure out that the system has, X7DVL mother board and i thinks all the mother boards you have mentioned are from the same family.

                      and i think i cannot get the SL sSpec no as i dont have the box.

                      Is they any software that you knw, with which i can find the details of the hardware.


                      Thank You in advance

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                        - you have to take out the CPU and check it for SL number. It will be on top in the format SLxxx.

                        - if you get the exact same SL number CPU it will work in a dual configuration.

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                          So, If I need to go with 2 processors for all of the system i need to check it for all of them. as i am planing to with 2 processors for nearly 10-15 systems.

                          and can you please let me know how would the SL # help in finding if i can go with two CPU's


                          Thanks in advance.

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                            The mother borad model is X7DVL - E and i could not find the SL number on the processor.

                            however when i checked the intel website there are two SL no for one processors, SL9YK and SLAC7

                            which has the same package type.


                            can this be helpfull.


                            Thanks in Advance

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                              yes you need to have matching SL numbers in each dual processor system.

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                                If you have E53xx series Xeon then, according to Intel's Xeon 5300 datasheet, you can mix different S-spec numbers in the system: "Mixing
                                processors of different steppings but the same model (as per CPUID instruction) is supported.".


                                Link to the datasheet:



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                                  You might have half of what you need in the systems, if they were purchased at the same time they may be the same steppings.

                                  So purchase the other half your new ones and make sure they are the same. Most systems that support mixed steppings require the least featured processor must be in the boot strap position. If you can use what you have double them up and put the new ones together in the systems  you may be ok.

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                                    Thank you all for you sugesstion and help.


                                    I have another question is it possible that i can cange the processor, for E.g  can i change a core 2 duo to a xeon 4 core


                                    Thanks once again

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