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    Intel Q45/ Q43 Display adapter: Is this ...?


      Intel Q45/ Q43 Display adapter:


      Running WIN8.1, Pro; other specs of the computer: Intel Quad core 2, Quad CPU, Q9550 @2.83Ghz, 8gb ram, 64 bit.


      I have a new Dell U2415 displayport monitor with 1.2 capability.  I wish to daisy chain from the Dell to an Acer G226HQL monitor.


      Is the graphics adapter certified to allow for this daisy chain setup?   That is, Can  graphics adapter support DPMST/ HBR2 (High Bit rate)


      I can not seem to get a picture on the Acer, daisy chaining to the Dell and wonder if it is something I may have done incorrectly.


      Can the issue be the ACER?


      Please advise.