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    Configuring OBEX - FTP root folder


      I would like to share how I change root FTP folder for OBEX service.


      My litle project is connecting Android phone with Edison using bluetooth obex service. I wish to change root folder for FTP server on Edison from ~/.cache/obexd to something else ...


      Steps are :

      1. root@edison:~# /usr//lib/bluez5/bluetooth/obexd --help (this is not required but there was answer )


      Application Options:

        -d, --debug=DEBUG          Enable debug information output

        -p, --plugin=NAME,...      Specify plugins to load

        -P, --noplugin=NAME,...    Specify plugins not to load

        -n, --nodetach              Run with logging in foreground

        -r, --root=PATH            Specify root folder location. Both absolute and relative can be used, but relative paths are assumed to be relative to user $HOME folder. Default $XDG_CACHE_HOME

        -S, --root-setup=SCRIPT    Root folder setup script

        -l, --symlinks              Allow symlinks leading outside of the root folder

        -c, --capability=FILE      Specify capability file, use '!' mark for scripts

        -a, --auto-accept          Automatically accept push requests

      2. open file "/lib/systemd/system/obex.service" (I'm using WinSCP) and change to:



      Description=Bluetooth OBEX service





      ExecStart=/usr/lib/bluez5/bluetooth/obexd -r /home/root/ftp





      3. make folder /home/root/ftp

      4. reboot

      5. connecting edison and android phone via bluetooth , start "Bluetooth file transfer" app on Android ... and smile   ... Now, I have new root folder