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    Memory issue with DB43LD


      I am working on the integration of a DB43LD board into a new system.

      In the process of  loading the O.S. , it ends quickly, ending with a Blue Screen, error code 0X0000008E. This error code points to memory issue.


      The memory is Kingston brand, 1GB PC2-6400, 800MHz, which auto configures with 6-6-6-18 timing settings. The memory was recycled from a Dell system that received a memory upgrade. The BIOS was updated to the latest version of 0032.


      In testing, I find that with only one DIMM installed the system runs fine with no errors.  Changing to the other DIMM still no errors, put both in errors again. Searching other posts on memory issues on similar boards, many responses by Rajav Doolub, giving the list on Intel's memory requirements.

      One requirement that memory in use does not meet - the exception in the use of double-sided DIMM's with x16 organization. Is this the source of my problem ?


      In reviewing Intel's Supported Memory documentation, it lists the exception of double-sided DIMM's with x16 organization. Reading further, under the vendor tested memory, many are listed with DSx16 organization.  I realize Intel approved and Vendor tested are not the same thing.


      Any similar experiences on selecting memory for 4x boards ?

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          Could you please provide the exact model number of your memory?





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            For Span1shUk : The Kingston OEM memory that came with the Dell system is 2 x 1 GB configuration, p/n 1GB 2Rx8 PC2-6400U, but ther are four other number strings, some that could be meaningful to Kingston or Dell.


            Update on Progress

            Short term fix - Changed the memory around between the two systems !

            Reinstalled the 2 x 1 GB memory back in the Dell system, Install the new memory from the Dell into the DB43LD board system. Ran a memory test using Memtest86 v3.4, no errors reported. Running the O.S. install, no more Blue Screens !


            This new memory is from the Kingston Hyper-X line, size is 2 x 2 GB, 800 Mhz speed ( p/n KHX6400D2K2/4G). The Hyper-X line memory come with Heat Spreaders installed, so I can not check the memory chip configuration. Looking at the datasheet from Kingston, these Hyper-X DIMM have a chip component configuration of double-sided x16 chips, or each DIMM contains sixteen 128M x 8-bit chips. This is the one exception listed on Intel’s Supported Memory document. Could someone explain why one 16 chip DIMM fails while another 16 chip DIMM works ?

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              Called Kingston Tech Support, looking for an answer about the issue of using 1GB x 2 memory set.  The part numbers did not match the ones that Kingston uses for what I would guess it be called their retail channel of products. I informed the customer rep. that the memory was orginally from a Dell system, and his reply was they do not support memory from a Dell. The two memory DIMM have a Kingston label attached.


              In reading other posts, some have a simliar issue with memory installed on other Intel boards, where one DIMM works, but not two identical DIMMs.

              Anyone with any thoughs on why some basic PC2-6400 memory would not work on an Intel board ?