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    Somehow bricked the Edison. How can I reprogram it?


      Long story short, I think I bricked my Edison. I did a reboot ota to flash Yocto 2.1 and everything went smoothly. When I started browsing the root filesystem, however, I found that old files were still there. I was looking around for methods of wiping the hidden 4gb partition, but to no avail.
      In the end, I ended up misusing an rm command and deleted something I shouldn't have. I knew something was wrong when the console gave me an error while trying to run "reboot". It could not find the command. I repeat, the console could not recognize "reboot" as a command.
      So I unplugged the Edison, plugged it back in, and now I can't detect the device. I'm on a Mac. Disk Utility isn't showing me anything.
      Is there a way to hard-flash the firmware on it via Serial Port or something?




      Cheers and all the best.