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    HD Graphics - Netflix - 5.1 Audio not (always) working




      So I have a very surprising problem with my Celeron N2930 based HTPC, using Netflix, Win 8.1, Metro App.

      Setup: HTPC via HDMI to Samsung 5.1 Receiver



      In Netflix:

      In some movies (not all of them, which is weird), selecting the 5.1 Audio screws the Video playblack, slowing it to 1-2 FPS, and no Audio!

      In some other movies, selecting the 5.1 Audio works just fine. no issues whatsoever.


      I have used the Intel Update tool and have updated everything. It did not fix it.


      Hoping to get help here.




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          - SOLVED -


          I finally solved this weird issue and I hope that this can somehow be helpful to someone.


          Intel: Your update utility software did not work well for me. It seemed like it was going through the update correctly, but it did not install properly.


          Fix: What I ended up doing was digging on intel's website and downloading the drivers manually, which ultimately solved everything!