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    Display within browser windows corrupted. GMA 4500 Windows7 64bit. Affects areas outside of browser.


      With increasing usage of new browser technologies this problem first occured with the new google maps and now is gaining importance for me:


      Display corruption occurs on some web pages, such as google maps and some online games. Specifically the old google maps classics was not affected, but is no longer available.


      The graphics appear smeared, shuttered, patterned across increasingly large areas. Text is rendered unreadable.

      The windows frame areas (outside of content area) of IE11 and Firefox 38 are affected and contain bulky blocks.

      The display in neighbouring tabs within Firefox are bugged. Overlayed windows such as Graphics Properties of Windows are affected.

      Turning on Aero increases the problem.

      No workaround is known.


      Reproducable with maps.google.com by zooming in to street levels, waving the mouse around and over the icons at the bottom right within the maps. Zoom and rezoom. Once the problem occurs, it persists for that browser and windows that overlay that browser.


      The problem recoccurs after reboot, occurs in browsers even without addons, and after clearing all caches.

      Tested IE11 and Firefox 38 on Windows 7 Prof 64bit English SP1 with latest patches.


      Attaching two screen shots from two separate occassions merged into one file. The glitches on the windows are not due to compression or copying - they actually occur on the windows areas outside of the content area.


      The problem occured with old drivers, so I updated to driver version, but there was no noticable change. I regulary run windows without aero (is turned off).


      Any ideas on the cause or possible workarounds?