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    Brand new Edisons, wifi crashes, update partition does not mount on PC, no --setup, cannot flash, help.


      Hello all,


      I have two Edisons, brand new with the Arduino breakout board to match.   Neither will flash and neither come up with a storage partition, even when I first plugged them before I did anything.


      I want to flash it with Ubilinux and resolve these issues, but at this point I'd be happy with getting the most recent stock image working.


      I can console in via the USB com port so its not bricked, but that's about it.


      Here are the symptoms:

      • Only one virtual com port comes up, the serial com and no Intel devices or other comes do.
      • Neither Edisons mounts as a storage device on any Linux or Win8.1.
      • "configure_edison -w" just reboots the edision.
      • "ifconfig wlan0 up" crashes
      • "ifconfig" does not show wlan0, only lo and usb0
      • "configure_edison --setup" and -s only gives me the help dialog, only running it without args does anything and it also crashes on wifi
      • Flashing in both windows 8.1, Ubuntu and Arch do not work, it pools waiting for the device until it times out.
      • I can see my update partition on the Edison side and even mount it on the board, but when I do "modprobe g_multi" the Edison halts.
      • No Ethernet connection appears in my "Network connections" when I have all the usb plugged in.


      And before anyone asks, I have been researching the other threads for two days and I have already tried the following.

      • Installing all FTDI and Intel Edison drivers
      • Using the Edison software to install stock linux instead of Ubilinux.
      • Rebooting (software and button) when flashall says too.
      • Running "run do_flash" in u-boot while trying to flash.
      • Keeping both USB micros plugged in with the switch pointing to the little usb side.
      • Trying to do "run do_ota" gives me

      boot > run do_ota

      reading ota_update.scr

      ** Unable to read file ota_update.scr **

      Saving Environment to MMC...

      Writing to redundant MMC(0)... done

      resetting ...


      I thought that maybe I just got some extremely out of date boards, but I don't see anyone having all these problems out of box and both boards are exhibiting the same problems so it cannot just be a DOA.

      My uname -a output is "Linux edison 3.10.17-poky-edison+ #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Aug 20 16:09:18 CEST 2014 i686 GNU/Linux"


      If anyone could help me I'm pulling my hair out.