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    RAID 5 Recovery


      Hi Guys. Big Crisis here.


      I have an Intel RAID Controller, 8 Chanel with 8x 2TB Drives configured on RAID 5. I made a mistake of unplugging one of the drives and then booting up my machine. It then said RAID Configuration Degraded. By the looks of it, I had one failed drive already on the configuration before unplugging this other one in error. I then managed to bring both drives back online and the Utility showed Optimal Status. Now when I reboot, Windows wants to initialise this entire VD. It seems to see it as a new drive. Its 12.7TB of drive space and its filled to capacity. I cant lose all that data. Is there a way to fix this? I have not initialised it yet.

      I'm using Windows 8.1 64bit on an AMD APU System. Controller model is SRCSATAWB. I've also installed latest drivers and firmware. As we speak now, the drive is running a Backgroung Initialisation Process.


      Thank You

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          How did you manage to get both of the drives online again?

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            I used the Wed Utility. Simply right clicked the drives and Marked Online. Warned me about data corruption and I clicked Yes to proceed.


            After a month of trying to get a solution for this, I finally Initialised the VD and Formatted it. I then ran software called GetDataBack and miraculously, it recovered 99% of my data. So I'm busy copying the recovered data that to a new RAID configuration on my PC.